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Dog Bowl Slow Feeder

Dog Bowl Slow Feeder

Dog Bowl Slow Feeder

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Looking for a way to improve your furry friend's eating habits? Our dog feeding and drinking bowls are just what you need! Made with high-quality PP material, they're not only safe and non-toxic, but also designed to promote healthy eating habits.


  • Delay Eating: The bone type slow feeder design helps your pet eat 10 times slower, reducing the risk of bloating, vomiting, and other digestive issues.
  • Stable Design: The hexagonal shape of our bowls makes them more stable and less likely to tip over, providing a secure and comfortable eating experience for your pet.
  • Promotes Fun & Healthy Eating: With our slow feeder design, mealtime becomes a fun and interactive experience for your furry friend, promoting healthy eating habits and reducing anxiety.

Invest in your pet's health with our dog feeding and drinking bowls. Order now and give your furry friend the gift of healthy and enjoyable mealtime!

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